((OMG I'm sorry, but this seems so cute, since I think Elena sees Al as a sort of older brother)) Lullaby


((No need to be sorry. ^_^)) Alberto sat on the edge of the princess’s bed and went to tuck her in more, as he gave her a gentle look, it wasn’t often she came to him, for something like this, as she out grew it for the most part when she was younger, but he certainly didn’t mind. Going gently he went with a slow movement to push her hair out of face, with a soft affection, as he softly sang a lullaby she used to like, trying to help the princess sleep after a particularly bad nightmare.


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The villa was big and old and could be pretty scary at night, Elena knew it well. Seeing a horror movie just before going to bed with her soon to be sister-in-law didn’t help either. So she wasn’t surprised when Leah asked her to stay and sleep with her. Roberto was away for business and left her girlfriend home to complete her princess training. They finally fell asleep, but in the middle of the night, Elena was woken up by her friend muttering in her sleep. She was obviously having a nightmare and she couldn’t understand most of her words, except for one that was clear enough: she was calling for Roberto. Feeling sorry for her, Elena hugged her and started singing a lullaby, the one her brother used to sing to her and the same one she never understood who she first heard it from, but felt so familiar to her since she could remember.

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Elena was walking down one of the hallways of the villa when she caught sight of an unfamiliar face. "Excuse me." She said, approaching the new person. "Who are you?" She asked. The princess didn't introduce first out of the habit that usually people knew who she was before even meeting her.



Leah jumped as she caught sight of the young woman. She looked so familiar… Nervously tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, Leah murmured, “Um, I’m Leah…. Um… I’m a guest of Prince Roberto?”

She wasn’t sure how to say that she had more or less gotten in a mess with the paparazzi thanks to Prince Roberto.

"…Oh!" She suddenly gasped. "You’re Princess Elena, right?" Her face turned red with remorse over not having recognized the princess sooner.

Elena nodded. “Yes, it’s me. It’s nice to meet you. Drop the Princess, just Elena is fine.” She said with a smile. ”So you’re that poor girl that got involved with that mess Robi caused… I’m so sorry.” She apologized for her brother’s behaviour, sighing. She was used to hear people talk about all the sort of troubles he caused. And of course she had heard of his latest one too. “I hope you’ll enjoy your stay, though. Make yourself at home for the time being.” She tried to reassure her and make her feel welcome since she supposed she had been forced to leave her house with so little warning.

"Okay…. er, Elena." It was a bit weird calling a princess by her first name, but it seemed that informality ran in the family.

"Oh… yeah." Leah sighed a little. "I just hope I can go back to my apartment soon. Not that I don’t appreciate Prince Roberto’s allowing me to stay here," she added hastily. "It’s just that I need to go back to my university soon, anyway."

Leah smiled at Elena’s welcoming her to the Villa. “Thank you. I really appreciate it.”  She sighed; it had been a rather overwhelming past few days.

Looking around, she said, “Alberto told me I could call him if I needed anything, but I feel a bit guilty calling him whenever… I thought I remembered passing the kitchens near here, so I thought I could just grab a snack.”

Lullaby - now sing to your grandchildren (their names are Mui and Yuuma)

"Miu, Yuuma!" Leah called to her twin teenage grandkids as she bounded into their room. They sat up from their separate beds and stared at her.

"Grandma? What—"

"It’s time for your bedtime lullaby!"

They promptly rolled their eyes. “Grandma, we’re just sick. We’re not 3 years old anymore.”

"Hush. Your parents left you two in my care while they’re at work and I intend to care for you just like a grandmother should." 

She moved to each of their beds, making a show of tucking them in. They looked at each other and sighed, deciding to humor her.

"Now… what shall I sing you?" She sat down in a chair by their desk, beaming at them.

"Call Me Maybe," Miu said sarcastically.

"Miu, no, she really might."

"Then… I don’t know, Grandma." Miu sighed, finally smiling a little at Leah’s persistence.

"Wait," Yuuma spoke up. "Didn’t you and Grandpa Rob used to sing us something when we were little?"

"Oh! Yes. That old song." Leah’s eyes grew misty as she reminisced. "It’s a traditional Altarian lullaby sung for children. The words and melody are supposed to soothe and protect their dreams."

"Well, that sounds as good as anything, Grandma." Yuuma smiled, too, and lay back in bed.

Leah closed her eyes, humming slightly, before she began to sing softly.

Hush my child, close your eyes
Stars above shall guide you
Into sleep where shadows lie
Waiting to guard, not harm you

"Softly, slowly, moonlight calls
You to the land of dreaming
Don’t forget where you belong
In my heart, my darling.

She sang the last few verses, still with her eyes closed, before opening her eyes and looking over at her grandchildren.

"How was that… Miu? Yuu?"

No answer. Her grandchildren really were fast asleep.

Smiling lightly, she crept over and gave them each a quick kiss on their foreheads.

"Sweet dreams, kids."

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Author’s Note: I imagined this to be one muse singing to another when they have woken up from a nightmare. My muse sings their own childhood lullaby. 

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I’m just waiting for the glue to dry which is the white stuff XD it’ll be transparent when it’s dry
But here’s my LLFTX phone case

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I’m just waiting for the glue to dry which is the white stuff XD it’ll be transparent when it’s dry

But here’s my LLFTX phone case

Okay you win at life bye


Now now…in the middle with Roberto now!



Now now…in the middle with Roberto now!



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